What to see in Leiden, Netherlands, in one day

Cosa vedere a Leida in Olanda | What to see in Leiden - thestylelovers.com_2

Leiden is a charming town in the southern Netherlands, crisscrossed by dozens of canals and bridges.

Thousands of students from all over Europe populate its streets and cafes, making Leiden one of the major university hubs in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the efficient operation of the Dutch railways, Leiden is very easy to reach and can be a worthwhile destination for a 1-day excursion.

You can explore it on foot, by bike in true Dutch style, or even by boat, navigating its many canals.

Leiden is famous for being the hometown of the painter Rembrandt, who was born and lived here until his youth.

But Leiden is not only that.

Cosa vedere a Leida in Olanda | What to see in Leiden - thestylelovers.com_2

The Botanical Garden of Leiden is where the cultivation of tulips in the Netherlands began.

In addition to being the oldest in the Netherlands, it is also one of the oldest in the world.

In the late 1500s, the University decided to create this herb garden for students of the medical faculty.

They needed a botanist, and Carolus Clusius was called upon, who will be remembered for being the first to succeed in growing tulip bulbs in the Netherlands.

The rest is history, and the Dutch tradition of tulips is visible every spring in the country’s countryside and in Keukenhof Park, where it reaches its peak.

Fioritura dei tulipani in Olanda. Visit Keukenhof 01 - thestylelovers.com

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Leiden is indeed an important center for the Netherlands, and its visit is equally enjoyable.

To know what to see in Leiden in the Netherlands in 1 day, follow our itinerary in the city center.


From the station, immediately take the road leading to the historic center, small and pleasantly enriched by numerous stately palaces.

Heading towards the pedestrian area, you will be attracted by the main shopping streets, such as Haarlemmerstraat. Continue to reach the most picturesque areas.

As you stroll through Leiden, savor the views that the many canals offer you.

You will immediately encounter De Valk, the only windmill that remains intact to this day.


Cosa vedere a Leida in Olanda | What to see in Leiden - thestylelovers.com_1

From the little bridges, the view of the low houses, animated by the passing of many bicycles, is very characteristic.

The point where the two main canals intersect (Oude Rijn and Nieuwe Rijn) is particularly picturesque.

Along the Nieuwe Rijn, the cafes become more elegant, and one next to the other, you’ll find refined shops, boutiques, and concept stores with the trendiest items.

Even the smaller adjacent streets are very pleasant for a stroll among the many bookstores, craft shops, and outdoor cafes near the city’s main churches.

Before ending the walk in the historic center of Leiden, set aside some time to visit the Museum Volkenkunde, the world’s oldest ethnographic museum.

Between the permanent exhibition and the interesting temporary exhibitions, it will be fascinating to immerse yourself in the cultures of different peoples.


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