Visiting Texel in Holland. Best of the island of Texel itinerary

Visitare Texel in Olanda - faro Texel -

Visiting Texel in Holland means enjoying a nature of wide plains, kilometers of sand dunes and a silence broken just by the sound of the wind.

Lonely Planet has inserted it between the top 10 European destinations for summer 2016.

An unexpected choice, but Texel really deserves a visit.

visiting texel in holland

From the north of Holland, in just 20 minutes by ferry, you’ll get to the island of Texel: the right place to spend a couple of days in the nature.

The island,  only 25 km long and 8 km wide, is the largest of the Frisian Islands and is completely crossed by cycling paths.

You can then easily drive around, or – if you do not fear the strong winds – ride a bike (eventually with pedal assistence).

To get started, head to the northern end of the island, toward the lighthouse, now icon of Texel.

From its dune, admire the view of this corner of the island and enjoy a ride on the large beach.

Only you, the wind and the sea.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - faro Texel -

Move forward towards the east coast and stop to observe the lagoons and ponds populated by various birds species.

Thanks to this wealth, Texel is an increasingly valued destination on the world stage for the bird watching lovers.

VISITing texel in holland. the old PORT of OUDESCHILD

Flanking the long dam south, you will get to Oudeschild, the old port.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - portoTexel -

From here you can possibly have a boat tour, where to sight a pod of endangered seals.

Then enjoy the image of the vessels in the old port and stop for lunch at t Pakhuus’.

The food is very good and you can taste the tiny shrimps typical of the island.

Move then inwards to Den Hoorn.

TEXEL, between sheeps and lambs

You already seen them grazing along the dam, but it’s in the vast internal plains that the largest sheep farm are.

In effect Texels counts about 14,000 residents and as many sheeps.

The connection of Texel with sheeps is very important for the economy of the island and their strong presence would inevitably characterizes the landscape.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - pecoreTexel -

Every sheep has its own characteristics and the farmer knows them one by one.

If you visit the island in spring then, in addition to the wonderful flowering of tulips that liven up the campaign with their color spots, you will also have the surprise to see thousands of little lambs to make the first steps on the grass and take the milk from their mothers.

Take a break at the Schapenboerderij Texel farm.

In addition to enter in the stables, you will have the opportunity to embrace a lamb … a so sweet experience for children but for adults also!

Continuing our journey, go beyond the lovely Den Hoorn’s church and continue toward the beach, along the Hoornderslag.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - chiesaTexel - thestylelovers.comA completely different panorama awaits you.

The wind blows very strong here, but fans of kitesurfing are not scared of the sea’s swiftness.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - kitesurfTexel -

IL TEXEL dunes national park

Behind the long beach, an immense area of dunes.

It’s the Texel dunes national park, which covers the entire island’s west coast.

Visitare Texel in Olanda - dune Texel -

Along the cycle track, you’ll cycle next to the park and you can see it in all its breadth.

As an alternative, there are several points also accessible by car, which lead to particularly suggestive panoramic views.

An example is the area of De Slufter, where a stairway opens the view over a wide area of lakes and wetlands.

Nearby you will see the Paracentrum Texel, one of the most important in the Netherlands.

If you wish, instructors will teach you the basics and will accompany you on an exciting tandem jump.

Or you will have the chance to fly over the island with a more quiet panoramic flight.

And for dinner? Book on time at the only Texel’s starry restaurant, the Bij Jef.

The atmosphere is warm and relaxing and the kitchen processes the local products at their best.


| Photos: The Style Lovers |


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