Ubud: yoga, art and food in the heart of Bali


Ubud, the main center of the island of Bali, has become one of themost attractive destinations for fans of yoga and holistic disciplines.

Thanks to Hollywood, which with the movie “Eat, pray, love” has made millions of people discover the magical atmosphere of the Island of the Gods.


But if, imagining your arrival in Ubud, you expect to cross the threshold of a total peace paradise, you might be amazed or even incredulous.

When you finally reach the town, after having run across long roads lined with rice fields, the first impact with Ubud is something chaotic, disorderly, noisy.

Crossing the centre of the village means being catapulted into its deafening traffic, between sccoters and cars that clog the main street to the sound of a horn.


And what about yoga? Meditation? Silence?
Ubud takes time. The quiet here is to be searched for, lived in dedicated places, throwing then back into the chaos of the city.

So, to fully immerse yourself in Ubud’s most chaotic frenzy, first thing in the morning, immerse yourself in its market.

From the outside it looks like it is made up of a few stalls, but passing from one to another you will find yourself climbing stairs, turning corners that you had not seen, until you find yourself outdoors, in a maze of streets set up for sale.

Ubud’s market is almost a city within a city, immense, full of scents and colors, voices …and scooters (yes, also here!).

Get lost in the discovery of local handcraft and then, if the Balinese style has conquered you, move along the streets that come out of the city, where craftsmen exhibit their creations for the furnishing of villas and gardens.

Along the way you will be captured by small temples for sale (here each house has its own altar dedicated to worship), and then sculptures, wooden furniture, but also gold and silver jewelry, made using traditional techniques.


What about the food?

The streets of Bali smell of curry, but don’t expect the classic powdered spice. Here the tradition is different and very interesting to discover.

If you want to find out more about Balinese cuisine, their way of preparing endless types of curries, using spices, coconut (very abundant on the island), and simple natural remedies to reate yourself, you just have to take a cooking course at Casa Luna Cooking School.

The creation of Casa Luna was by Janet De Neefe, Australian from Melbourne, married to a Balinese from the 80s and creator, among other things, of the Ubud Food Festival, a stage for local recognized and emerging chefs, local products and culinary experiences.

Her cooking classes are a very pleasant opportunity to learn local gastronomic tricks and traditions, meeting other cooking enthusiasts from literally all over the world.


But most of the people come to Ubud to make a full immersion of yoga, knowing to find all kinds of schools and courses, with local and international teachers.

The reference point for yoga in Ubud is the Yoga Barn Centre. Here you can try any kind of practices, from meditation accompanied by the sound of Tibetan bells, to Qi Gong, to Hatha Yoga, just to name a few.
Between one lesson and another, regain your energy in the juice bar or in the restaurant, surrounded by the well-kept garden.

And before thinking about how to continue the evening, treat yourself to a massage in the Ayurvedic spa, you will come out light and free from all tensions.


It’s time to dive back into the center of Ubud, perhaps to reach the Royal Palace, where every evening there are performances of traditional dances.

For dinner, just stroll through the crowded streets of the town and choose where to stop to enjoy the typical Indonesian cuisine.If you’re looking for a more refined and romantic experience, head to the bridge, where the Bali Bridges restaurant is located.

The natural scenery is very suggestive and the chef shows great mastery, combining Indonesian and western cuisine.
Here nothing is left to chance, the presentation of the dishes is very accurate and the cellar is one of the best equipped in Bali, offering more than 360 labels.

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