Two days in Berlin. The weekend travel guide

Due giorni a Berlino. 48 hours in Berlin insider's guide -

Two days in Berlin are enough? How long to spend in Berlin?

To visit Berlin, you would ideally have 5 or 6 days.
The city is very large and rich both in historical places, witnesses of its difficult past, and in more modern areas, that will make the joy of architecture’s enthusiasts.

But if you don’t have much time and you need a guide to maximize your two days in Berlin, this one is for you:
we selected the main insiders hotspots to make you spend a very special weekend in Berlin.

Due giorni a Berlino. 48 hours in Berlin insider's guide -

You know our tips always go beyond the usual guides. Following them, you will spend two intense days in Berlin, knowing a little of its history while enjoying its present too.
You will visit the most beautiful areas of the city. Moving from one neighborhood to another, you’ll discover the best hotspots. So, first, get a Berlin Welcome Card, as to maximize public transport.

two days in Berlin. the weekend travel guide
  • West Berlin: the Zoo area, luxury boutiques and gourmet lunch

We Children from Bahnhof Zoo”. Do you remember the Christiane F. book?
Our two days in Berlin tour starts right from the Zoo area. This neighborhood, that in the Seventies was linked to drugs trafficking and prostitution, is now a trendy district, chosen by big luxury brands and major investors.

So head in Adenauerplatz and start the day walking along the more elegant stretch of Kunfüsterdamm – for all Ku’Damm – where, one beside another, there are the most luxurious fashion boutiques: Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, Chanel, …there are just all.

When arriving at the Zoo, look up to the bell tower of the Gedächtniskirche, the church bombed during the Second World War.
You can already understand how the memories of the past go together with a push toward the future, in order to go forward without forgetting. This is substantially the soul of Berlin.

If you are fond of photography, take a trip to the Helmut Newton Foundation, a big space dedicated to the photographer Helmut Newton.
In addition to its famous fashion and nudes photos, you will find the Mario Testino’s glamour portraits and other interesting temporary exhibitions.

What to visit during two days in Berlin? Where to sleep and where to eat in Berlin?

Looking for a nice break near the Zoo? Climb to the 25hours Bikini Berlin‘s third floor, a trendy design hotel right in the heart of West Berlin.
You will find a super friendly room, padded hammocks and many corners where to relax.
The big window looks at the zoo, which makes the space even more relaxing.
That’s the right place to recharge your batteries.

Just next to the hotel, the first concept shopping mall in the world: the Bikini.

Two days in Berlin 48h insiders hotsposts - thestylelovers.comNothing to do with the usual commercial centers, the Bikini has a trendy gallery of brands and a huge terrace inspired by the famous New York’s Highline.
In addition, from the glass roof on the ground floor, you will have a privileged view of the more funny place of the Zoo: the baboons area.

For lunch, there are no doubts: move to another department store, the historic Ka.We.De. and climb up to the 6th floor, the kingdom of gourmet food.
Not only you can buy products of excellence of the best brands in the world, but you can jump from one bank to another, following your inspiration.
Savor a delicious fish soup from Bouillabaisse, continue with an immersion in the authentic Thai flavors at Papaya Royal, taste real specialties as the Alaska king crab at Hummer & Langusten and finish on a sweet note with the Leysieffer‘s chocolate creations or with the Just a bite‘s mini cupcakes, prepared according to ancient recipes.

·         the East Side Gallery and the monuments symbol of berlin

In the afternoon, move to the other side of Berlin, to walk along the East Side Gallery.
Just outside the Ostbahnhof station, it begins the longer tract of the Wall still preserved.
With its 1,3 km, the East Side Gallery hosts more than 100 murals and is therefore a great open air art gallery.

Due giorni a Berlino. L'itinerario chic, oltre le solite guide - East Side Gallery -

Take it all up to the Oberbaumbrücke, the red bridge from where you can see Molecule Man, a large aluminum sculpture on the Spree river.

Now move to the Berlin center, to visit its symbolic monuments:

The massive Brandenburg Gate, with the Pariser Platz in front and the Tiergarten behind.

Holocaust Mahnmal, the Shoah Memorial with 2,711 concrete different heights blocks, which enclose and confuse, as was the intention of the designers.

Due giorni a Berlino. L'itinerario chic, indirizzi insiders - Memoriale Olocausto -

The Reichstag, where the Berlin’s Parliament is builted.
Simply register to be able to enter and climb the Bundestag Dome, designed by Norman Foster. The panorama from the grandiose glass dome covers the entire city.
Holding it as the last stop of the day, you’ll have the chance to see Berlin illuminated and enter into the Parliament building with a different feeling.


·        the Berlin wall, barn quarter and museum island

The second day, visit the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse.
Walk along the Wall and in the park enriched with informative material and visit the small museum to see the very touching photos and movies of the crowd divided between East and West.

From here, descending toward Rosenthaler Platz, you will find yourself immersed in one of the most beautiful Berlin’s districts.

In this young and lively area, a brand new opening is Daluma, the new address for those who are looking for healthy food in the heart of Mitte.
Check it out and come back here for a super healthy and tasty lunch that leave you light for the rest of the day.

Now go on toward Orianenburger Str, enjoying the so-called Barn quarter, with its narrow streets, bookshops and boutiques.
Here you’ll discover the typical Berlin’s courtyards: spaces linked together, whith nice restaurants and characteristic shops.
In Orianenburger Str 32 you enter into the Heckmann Höfe, connected with Auguststrasse.

With its art galleries, Auguststrasse is an elegant way that it is beautiful to walk through.
Refined and very pleasant are Alte Schönhauser Straße and Rosenthaler Str. too. 

End your Berlin tour in the heart of the city, strolling through the Museum Island.
Even if you don’t have enough time to visit the museums, enjoy a stroll around this area, between the parks, bridges and colonnades.
Give a last look at the sunset lights on the Berlin Cathedral and salute this city, the Spree river that crosses it and the Television Tower that has accompanied you during your tour, occasionally emerging between buildings, like a compass.

Due giorni a Berlino. Guida chic hotspots. 48 hours in Berlin -

Finally, a few pre departure tips:

·         When booking your flight to Berlin, also register online to visit the Bundestag Dome. The entrance is free but the availability can sometimes be reduced.

·         Get the Berlin Welcome Card, choosing the option that best suits your needs. It will be very useful to move around in the city.

.         A special idea? At Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin don’t miss THE ONE Grand Show, an amazing show with costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier!


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