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About us Paola&Fede ph - The Style Lovers


She loves the energy of the city, the sound of the sea, the smell of the snow.
She would love to live every month in a different place, in a new corner of the world where to feel at home.

She is a natural-born organizer.
While preparing travels she likes to get lost in the research of special addresses like hotels, restaurants, boutiques or simply secret places.

In her job she always puts in her romantic side. Specialized in maternity and children portraits, she is the face behind Annabelle photography.

Fascinated by refined atmospheres, pastel colors and soft lights.
Passionate about the art of the table and natural and healthy cuisine.
She loves style and design.
Always in search of the beauty, elegance and minimalism.


Since he was a child, he has been intrigued by geography and the discovery of the world.
He loves sports and staying in the open air. He would like to live immersed in the nature, moving to the city every now and then.
When not working as a pharmacist, you can find him on the mountains or underwater, looking for wide spaces and deep silences.

Always in motion, he definitely has travels and the pleasure of discovery in his DNA.
He visited fascinating countries, from Australia to Malaysia, Iran to Mongolia, always in close contact with the local populations.
But he also lived with the same astonishment the discovery of a village or a landscape just a few km from house …when you travel with your eyes ready to be surprised, every corner can hide a wonder.
Never satisfied with the classical routes, he wants to customize each stage of the journey, always.
In this way, a simple weekend becomes a pleasant mix of landscapes, art, food and sport.

ps: Yes, we are a couple! We like to feel free and discover the world together. When we travel, we choose very nice and special hotels, where to spend a perfect escape.
The Style Lovers wants to be a source of inspiration for those – like us – who loves good taste and romantic unusual getaways.


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