THE ONE Grand Show. Jean Paul Gaultier enchants Berlin

THE ONE Grand Show Berlino_locandina teatro_Friedrichstadt_Palast -

The lights go down. THE ONE Grand Show is about to begin.

Just a moment of silence and suddenly a burst of energy invades the theater.

At Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre in Berlin, the most Europe’s extraordinary show is on stage.

For those who love rhythm, music, great performances in Las Vegas style, this is “The” show.

THE ONE Grand Show is the show of records

On the biggest stage of the world, over 100 artists create a surprising optical effect, making it the biggest show for size, public success and investments with a cost of production of 11 million euros.

Anyone who appreciates fashion, will enjoy a dip in the distinctive style of Jean Paul Gaultier, that for the occasion has designed dizzying costumes.

The dresses are a sparkling reminder to his own career’s iconic figures: the sailor, the punk, cone bras, corsets, black leather, …

We are at the theater but the massive exit of characters dressed by the designer makes us feel at the craziest of the fashion shows.

It’s a feast of details: crinolines, sequins, fishnet stockings, colorful punk hair crests.

There’s no lack of irony, in the construction of characters that are colorful caricatures of the excess society.

Fashion enters into the show and the show becomes a hymn to fashion.

“I have dreamed of working on a revue ever since I was a little boy”

Jean Paul Gaultier

THE ONE Grand Show. the storyline is a waking dream

In an abandoned revue theatre, during an underground party the young protagonist relives the former splendour of the place in a surreal daydream, where the present moment melts and blends with the atmosphere of the past.

The leading man, London style dressed with a kilt and a leather jacket, makes a time travel and perhaps even a travel inside himself.

THE ONE Grand Show Berlin_Arrested_Foto_Sven_Darmer -

The leading woman, former director of the theater, wrapped in a long dress, sings the old days, bringing back to life images, characters, music and almost forgotten atmospheres.

The story is actually a merely pretext. What is striking is the set of characters and technology, the amazing dresses, the extraordinary acrobatics, the alternation of rhythms.

the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin blows up with THE ONE Grand Show

A high energy rate invades the legendary stage of Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin.

A theater which is a point of reference for a high level entertainment, not only in the city but internationally.

Stars like Phil Collins, Joe Cocker and Liza Minnelli performed here.

THE ONE Grand Show. a spectacular cast 

The cast of THE ONE Grand Show definitely lives up to the place.

The artists in the show have trodden the most famous international boards, from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, also working for prestigious companies as Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil.

THE ONE Grand Show Berlino_

The choreographies are the product of the creativity of the best international talents, starting from Brian Friedman, who has worked with stars as Michael Jackson and Celine Dion.

THE ONE Grand Show and jean paul gaultier

The wow factor is all about fashion: 500 spectacular costumes, conceived by the brilliant and unprejudiced French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

THE ONE Grand Show is a tribute to his creative career.

There are the cone bras which make Madonna famous, the navy t-shirts which shook the high fashion world.

There is all the eccentricity which he dressed the biggest pop stars with, such as Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue.

THE ONE Grand Show

THE ONE Grand Show releases rhythm, transgression, sensuality.

The artists, from singers to dancers to acrobats, make the historic Friedrichstadt-Palast vibrate.

Some performances are magical, made with such a naturalness to seem simple, while they require a profound experience.

The cyr wheel performance is an example: we see it circling and rotate with grace, just through a light touch, in reality a sign of great skill.

It is the mastery coming from a tireless workout, constance and discipline, that makes an artist so big and ensure that its movements will be able to attract the attention of all.

The dancers oscillate in a hypnotic contrast of black and white figures, then exhibit in a pole dance, finally give life to a perfect cancan.

It’s a succession of choreographies studied to perfection, of acrobatics that keep on the edge of their seat a completely captive audience.

THE ONE Grand Show

THE ONE Grand Show. A not to be missed event in Berlin


| Thanks to Friedrichstadt-Palast for their kind hospitality |

| Image and video credits: Friedrichstadt-Palast | Penultimate photo: ©Tobias Schwarz | Other photos: ©Sven Darmer |


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