The most pristine Sardinia. La Maddalena, Caprera and the Pink Beach of Budelli

La Sardegna più incontaminata. La Maddalena, Caprera e la spiaggia rosa di Budelli -

Not far from the golden world of Costa Smeralda, you find the most pristine Sardinia.

La Maddalena, Caprera and the Pink Beach of Budelli are the most popular locations of a wonderful archipelago, composed of seven main islands and numerous smaller islets.

Natural Park since 1994, the Maddalena archipelago has nature as the absolute protagonist.

With a few minutes by ferry from Palau, you find yourselves in a wild windswept island.

La Maddalena – the largest island of the archipelago – is the only one inhabited throughout the year.

So start to discover this harsh land driving along the Panoramic Road.

Let yourselves be involved by the scents and colors of nature.

The salty smell, the scent of myrtle and mediterranean vegetation, the various shades of the sea, rocks and cliffs.

La Sardegna più incontaminata. La Maddalena, Caprera e la spiaggia rosa di Budelli -

You’ll find many panoramic points, from where you can easily locate the other archipelago’s islands and even catch a glimpse of the white cliffs of Bonifacio.

Drive along the two sides of the island to find the most sheltered one and choose a beach where to spend a few hours of relaxation.

At sunset, go to Baia Trinità beach, where the sun dives into the clear water.

For dinner, choose a seafood restaurant and taste the local specialties.

The catch of the day arrives early in the morning at Cala Gavetta, the archipelago’s historic port, where it’s nice to wait for the vessels arrival before you go to the beach.

To end your day, take a stroll in the center, an ancient fishing village, among the buildings of the ‘700 and the alleys with the local workshops.

la Maddalena archipelago islands by boat

On the boardwalk, next to the marina, you will find many boat tours proposals.

A day boat between the other islands of the La Maddalena archipelago is truly unmissable.

Take part to a full day tour: you will have lunch on board and plenty of time to enjoy the sea and dive where the water is more clear.

Or, if you are more expert and you prefer to be independent, rent a boat or a raft and go autonomously discovering the beauties of the archipelago.

Head toward Spargi and coast the eastern part of the island.

Admire the most frequented Cala Granara and then stop for a swim in the most intimate Cala Corsara, only reachable by sea.

the Pink Beach of Budelli

If you decide to cross the Strait of Bonifacio direction Budelli, always inquire about the conditions of the sea also for the return.

The iconic Pink Beach of Budelli owes its characteristic color to the presence of calcareous shells of a microorganism called Miniacina miniacea, that colonizes the expanses of posidonia close to the beach.

This renowned beach, which in the past has been chosen by Michelangelo Antonioni as the set for his film “Red Desert”, is today strongly protected in order to preserve its uniqueness.

In the matter of fact, not only bathing but also the boats transit and anchoring have benn prohibited.

So respect this unique place and admire it from outside the buoys or from the adjacent walkway.

A swim at the natural pools of la Maddalena

After a swim near the Cavaliere beach, treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation at the Natural pools (Le Piscine) of La Maddalena.

Le Piscine are a true paradise.

A shallow stretch of sea, enclosed between Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria, protected from wind and waves, where the colors of the water is Caribbean-like.

Un bagno alle Piscine naturali della Maddalena. Sardinia -

This is certainly the point where to make a longer stay, because you’ll never be tired of these colors, this quiet, this limpid water.

Bask in the sun, dive into the blue of the calm sea, enjoy this gift of nature and let the beauty around you be in your mind as the most beautiful gift that La Maddalena gives you.

It’s this wild and well protected nature that will make you wish you come back again to La Maddalena, a purely Italian piece of heaven.

the Caprera island in Sardinia

The Caprera island is connected to La Maddalena with a bridge that allows you to easily reach it by car.

Granite rocks, pine forests close to the sea and sandy beaches enclose in this island all the essence of Gallura.

Here Garibaldi finally found peace and serenity after its numerous adventures.
A short visit to the Compendio Garibaldino could be an interesting stopover.

And the beaches? Not to be missed in Caprera are the beach of the Relict, which can also be reached by car, and Cala Coticcio, accessible by sea or with a long and rather difficult trail …but when you arrive at its two beaches you forget the effort made.

Caprera is sea and wind, ideal conditions to the rising of one of the most important Italian sailing schools, with weekly courses for all ages and levels.

This is the most pristine Sardinia. La Maddalena, Caprera and the Pink Beach of Budelli are the pearls of a truly unmissable Mediterranean corner.

La Maddalena can be part of a tour in the north of Sardinia, a day trip escape from the close Costa Smeralda, or even better, your destination for a holiday made of sea, sun and lots of nature.


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