The best restaurants in Milos


During our trip, we tried all the best restaurants in Milos, from typical Greek tavernas to the most elegant restaurants.

And we’ve selected the addresses to mark on your agenda for a vacation full of local cuisine.

Each of the selected restaurants is located in a different area of the island.

So get ready for a culinary tour you won’t be disappointed in.



In general, we appreciated the genuineness of Milos’ cuisine, the honest portions, and the pride in bringing traditional flavors to the table.

But also the abundance of vegetables, which here reclaim their often forgotten place on the menus. And they’re all delicious, from eggplants to garden herbs.

The omnipresent local cheeses, always different in texture and aging, and unusually paired with fish dishes and desserts.

The sweet and low-alcohol digestifs offered at the end of the meal.

The locations of the restaurants, always by the sea, to enjoy the pleasure of eating with your feet in the water.

The friendly and easygoing welcome, as simple as the Greek people.



And here’s our selection of the best restaurants in Milos, with recommendations and dishes not to be missed.



Medusa was the first restaurant we tried in Milos.

Arriving in the small village of Mandrakia was immediately like diving headfirst into the most characteristic Greece.

From above, the cove of crystal-clear water with the fishermen’s harbor catches the eye.


I migliori ristoranti di Milos_Medusa a Mandrakia


But just a few more steps and you’ll notice that here the views are countless.

The white and blue church, the kittens playing, the octopuses hanging in the sun.

In the small Mandrakia, Medusa is the go-to restaurant.

A family-run tavern with simple outdoor tables.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the service jovial, and the cuisine rustic.

Medusa is the right place to get into the vibe of Milos and try many small tastes of local cuisine while admiring the sunset.



We move to Adamas, near the port of Milos.

On the waterfront, Oh Hamos! is recognizable by the dense pergola and the queue of customers waiting to sit at the table.

To avoid it and enjoy a leisurely meal, since it’s not possible to book, stop for dinner early, directly after returning from the beach.

The restaurant is very informal, and you’ll be welcomed with kind hospitality.

A cotton bag with cutlery, local cheese as a welcome, a particularly unusual menu, in form and substance.

It feels like opening grandma’s old recipe diary, but it’s actually the menu, translated into different languages ​​and with the story of the tavern’s origins.

A family story, which begins with a farm, whose photos we see hanging on the walls, and continues with the restaurant business.

Here, unlike almost all the other restaurants in Milos, you don’t eat fish but meat, in plentiful and tasty portions.

There are also many vegetable dishes, rarely tasted so good and flavorful.

The decor is very creative and detailed, yet always rustic.

Pots and lids hanging, the brightly colored bathroom, the possibility to write on the chairs.

The Greek tavern Oh Hamos is certainly one of the best restaurants in Milos, especially to savor the ancient recipes that the islanders once cooked in their own homes.

A must-try at Oh Hamos: the typical Milos orange dessert, revisited with the addition of chocolate drops. After trying it here, we ordered it in other restaurants too, but none beat it.



Enalion, on the waterfront of Pollonia, totally lives up to its reputation as the best seafood restaurant in Milos.

With its extensive menu, it could even invite you to come back multiple times, confident in the quality of each dish.

Among the dishes to order: the selection of Greek olives, each from a specific area and each with a completely different flavor from the other.

The red beets in garlic sauce … because in Greece if there’s no onion, there’s garlic, there’s no escape.

The sea urchin and bottarga pasta.

The stewed octopus in honey, with shallot sauce and Santorini vinsanto. The restaurant’s signature dish.

To finish, the warm chocolate cake.

Surprisingly sweet is the house digestif, honey and cinnamon. Very fragrant.



In the village of Trypiti, a characteristic terrace with a spectacular view of the sea, right next to the church of St. Nicholas.


I migliori ristoranti di Milos_Okto

The sunset view is enchanting, with the sun slowly descending over the sea.

Okto is a postcard-worthy place, and the cuisine is no less impressive.

Opened in 2021, it offers a modern Mediterranean menu, flavorful and well-presented.

The dishes we tried were very good. Shrimp tartare on melon cream, cucumber, and ginger. Octopus served with crispy bacon, on chickpea puree and shallots. An exceptional moussaka, of which we had seconds.



Near the beautiful Agia Kyriaki beach, a small road leads to one of the most refined addresses in Milos.

Psaravolada Milos Resort is an elegant place of relaxation, with a superb panoramic view.



Perched on the rock, the resort offers pristine sea-view rooms and a high-level restaurant.

Even if you’re not staying at the resort, we still recommend booking a romantic dinner in this wonderful corner of Milos.

Everything is meticulously cared for, and the view from the veranda is truly unique.

Fate had it that we found ourselves at Psaravolada on a full moon night.

After dinner, an incredible pink moon rose from the sea right in front of us, making the evening even more magical.

In this refined restaurant, Mediterranean cuisine dishes are revisited to offer customers a different experience from the local offerings.

Among the menu proposals, definitely don’t miss the Paputsaki, eggplant stuffed with shrimp ragout. Delicious.


| Image Credits: Psaravolada: Stavros Habakis for Psaravolada Milos Resort. All other photos: The Style Lovers |


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