Prague. The hotel in the monastery and the spa in a chapel

Praga panorama - The Style Lovers

Capital of Czech Republic, as well as of Central Bohemia, Prague boasts a particular charm.

The charm of a city which in its history has joined its own country’s culture to the Jewish and German one.
The charm of an old town with a magical atmosphere, with alleys and glimpses that have inspired artists and writers over the years.
And the charm of a precious architectural patrimony, ranging from the Gothic to Art Nouveau, to modern art.

Into this evocative city, we selected two special addresses, which combine history and luxury: a splendid 5 stars hotel that occupies an ancient monastery and a spa built in a former Renaissance chapel.

  • The best hotel in Prague

The charming Augustine hotel represents the epitome of the historical elegance of Prague.

Located in the heart of the city, The Augustine hotel is the result of a careful renovation of an ancient Augustinian Monastery.

Praga Augustine hotel garden - The Style Lovers

The old cells are now luxury suites with vaulted ceilings and elements of cubist design, skillfully inserted into the furnishing.

Its luxurious spaces have been proceeds from a complex of 7 buildings of historical importance and create a totally particular environment, with secret passages, cloisters, gardens and even an astronomical tower from which to enjoy an incomparable view on the city and on the famous Prague Castle.

Praga Augustine hotel tower suite view - The Style Lovers

As if this were not enough, in the hotel basement you will find a still active ancient brewery, which is famous for its excellent dark beer.
The beer produced by the hotel is served in the internal Monastery restaurant, a place of excellence where to enjoy a modern and sophisticated Czech cuisine, presented in a perfect manner.

So, in a luxury hotel equipped with every comfort, guests can enjoy a unique experience, as having the privilege to be accompanied by one of the monks who still live in a wing of the structure, for a special visit to the monastery, the chapel and the ancient library.

The Augustine hotel  occupies a place of unique beauty, which dates back to the XIII century and that today shines a refined and elegant kind of luxury, calm as the slight noise of the fountain which gladdens the guests in the garden.

  • The best spa in Prague

The Mandarin Oriental Spa is a very special address: it’s the only spa in the world built in a former Renaissance chapel.

The entrance to the Spa is magical because of the remains of this church, discovered during the restoration works and now kept under a glass floor and enhanced by a careful lighting.

The Mandarin Oriental hotel’s Spa is the ideal place where to recovere after a day exploring Prague.
From the moment you enter, the sense of wellbeing is total.
The environment is contemporary, the atmosphere is so relaxing and the therapists devote themselves entirely to our well-being.
You are greeted with an herbs nightcap and then transferred into the lounge to begin relaxing before passing to the treatments.

The Mandarin Oriental Spa combines ancient rituals to modern techniques, in order to restore the person’s balance.

You start with a refreshing foot massage and then you go to the treatments, with oils that are chosen in a personalized way, to bring body and mind to a state of perfect harmony.
Everything is designed with care and some of the proposals are developed in collaboration with specialists in the traditional Chinese medicine, also taking advantage of the aromatherapy benefits.

And to extend the state of wellbeing at home, nutritional advices are provided, so that the treatments benefits continue in the future.

| Image credits: Augustine Hotel – Mandarin Oriental Spa |

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