Polignano a Mare in Puglia. The caves, the beaches, the massery between the olive trees

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The best known image of Polignano a Mare – a lovely coastal town in Puglia  – is its scenographic cove, embraced by two high cliffs, just a few steps from the historic center.

It’s the Cala Porto (or Lama Monachile) beach, one of the most photographed beaches in Italy.

That confined space of clear water, wedged between the highest reefs, is the typical postcard of Polignano a Mare.

But Polignano is also the city of Domenico Modugno, one of the fathers of Italian music, with its Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare…) that has become a symbol of Italy.

And it’s also famous for the marine caves, carved by the impetus of the sea in the high rocky walls on which the town rests.

So discover this picturesque city, in its symbols, in the wonderful places that make it a pearl of Puglia and the Adriatic coast.

Polignano a Mare chic - thestylelovers.com
VISITing POLIGNANO A MARE and its caves

Polignano a Mare is a fascinating place, first and foremost, for its conformation.

Peak on the sea, the medieval village is rocketed in giant cliffs more than 20 meters high.

Below, more than 80 caves are sprayed with intense shades of turquoise, blue and emerald green.

A real paradise for diving lovers.

A magic place to discover, passing by the dazzling daylight to the mysteriuos atmosphere of the inlets.

The boat excursion to discovery the caves is a must for those who visit Polignano a Mare.

So spend a day in the boat, or choose between the beaches of the area.


If you want to spend a day in a super-equipped and exclusive place, choose the Coco Beach Club.

A large wooden terrace on the sea, where to be pampered and enjoy all the club services, including a bistrot and a total white lounge, perfect for a sunset cocktail.

Polignano a Mare chic - Coco Village beach club spiaggia - thestylelovers.com

We like the definition that the owner, Gianfranco Chiarappa, wanted to give of this wellcared place:

An elegant and refined structure, where elegance and refinement lie in being without appearing.
A luxury structure, where luxury is intended as the Latin luxus, that is abundance of delicious things”.

It’s the same spirit as The Style Lovers, the same love for an accurate style that we look for in the structures we select for our readers.

Polignano a Mare chic - Coco Village lounge bar - thestylelovers.com

And it’s wonderful that in a place like this you can also celebrate your marriage by the sea.

Whether it’s an informal brunch or a fabulous event, the Coco Beach Club is a perfect place to get married on the beach in Puglia.


Just as Borgobianco Resort & Spa is the luxury retreat where to stay, just outside the center, on the hill that dominates the village and from which you can behold the sea.

Surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, Borgobianco is a five-star exclusive masseria, the perfect place to sleep in Apulia.

Outside the white of lime, inside the clear white and cream tones.

This is the typical Puglia style, in its most elegant and refined meaning.


Your suite with private patio…

A rich breakfast before going out for a walk or a bicycle ride in the paths surrounding the resort…

Polignano a Mare chic - Borgobianco masseria swimmingpool - thestylelovers.com

A light lunch at the poolside bar…

A spa among the top 100 in Italy, in which to abandon yourself completely to the regenerating pampering of the operators…

Polignano a Mare chic - Borgobianco resort spa - thestylelovers.com

And finally a dinner based on the typical Puglia specialties at White restaurant…


POLIGNANO A MARE, the ancient village and the terraces

Polignano it’s only 5 kilometers from the resort.

The town, perched on the cliffs, is a dense nucleus of white little houses.

In the medieval village, you walk through the streets to Piazza dell’Orologio (Clock square), you hear the sound of waves and follow it by moving towards the terraces, as if by instinct, to admire the sea. 

From the balconies, the landscape asks for a pause, some deep breath to taste the perfume of saltiness, a look on the horizon, far away.

CALA PONTE MARINA, the new  POLIGNANO A MARE’s tourist port

In addition to the old village, a modern area has been created: the new Polignano a Mare tourist port.

Designed to be an exclusive dock that aims for excellence, Cala Ponte Marina bets to become the reference mooring for Puglia.

It is a marine resort with more than 300 berths, 4-star hotels, wellness center, spa, swimming pools and tennis courts, and soon it will be joined by a commercial area dedicated to the nautical.

The new port position is strategic, also as a start point for cruises to Croatia, Montenegro and Greece.

Polignano a Mare chic - Cala Ponte Marina - thestylelovers.com

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the most romantic dinner At GROTTA PALAZZESE

We only have one dinner left, and it’s going to be a special dinner, in one of the most romantic restaurants.

Polignano a Mare is famous in the world for Grotta Palazzese, location loved by the international jet set.

The most famous Polignano’s coves houses an exclusive summer restaurant, where guests have the privilege to dine suspended over the sea.

Polignano a Mare chic - ristorante Grotta Palazzese - thestylelovers.com

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Polignano a Mare chic like never before, in a succession of unforgettable experiences, magical refined places, in which to fully enjoy the elegant and genuine Apulian hospitality.


| Photo credits: Coco Beach Club – Borgobianco Resort & Spa – Cala Ponte Marina – Grotta Palazzese |


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