Grotta Palazzese. Dinner in one of the most romantic restaurants of the world

Polignano a Mare chic - ristorante Grotta Palazzese -

Seen from the sea, Polignano is a unique sight.

The caves, more or less large, follow one another along the coast.

Above, at 20 meters high, the nucleus of white little houses, the ancient village and the streets that lead to the terraces overlooking the sea.

Grotta Palazzese is the queen.

Polignano a Mare chic - ristorante Grotta Palazzese -

Grotta Palazzese. Dinner in one of the most romantic restaurants of the world

Where in the eighteenth century parties and banquets were held, where the theatrical performances were facilitated by the excellent acoustics, today we can have dinner in one the most romantic restaurants in the world.

Grotta Palazzese is one of those places where you don’t go for food (though it’s great), but for feeling the excitement of having dinner immersed in a unique location.
And it’s truly unique.

Book early and arrive when the sun hasn’t set yet, so you enjoy the show in all its nuances.

Grotta Palazzese Cena in uno dei ristoranti più romantici al mondo -

The cave that wraps you, the tables all around, the last lights of the day that make the water shine, the rocks that surround the cave.

The atmosphere is magical, whether you’re in the first place and then you can sit near the sea, or in the most muffled atmosphere of the cave.

Grotta Palazzese. One of the most romantic restaurants in the world -

the Grotta Palazzese summer terrace

From Easter to October, Grotta Palazzese is open in its most popular, most photographed and most suggestive outdoor location.

And while it’s getting dark, as if by magic, only remain the lights of tables and the sound of the waves breaking on the rock …and the tasting goes on in the most suggestive scenery.

The courses follow one another, going on from raw fish to dishes where the fresh fish is coupled with the local vegetables, to finish with greedy desserts and close the most romantic of the evenings in a sweet manner.

The thing you will not forget about the evening at Grotta Palazzese, is the moment you arrive into the cave, the sea view in front of you, the smile on your lips when you seated at the table, finally there, into the most romantic cave of Italy.

Grotta Palazzese restaurant Polignano a Mare Apulia -

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| Photo credits: Grotta Palazzese |

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