Exploring Tel Aviv in two days: the ultimate itinerary

Visitare Tel Aviv in due giorni - mare spiaggia

Exploring Tel Aviv in two days: here’s our comprehensive itinerary, complete with the right addresses to discover the best of Tel Aviv.

Modern and cosmopolitan, Tel Aviv has been dubbed the Mediterranean capital of fun by The New York Times and listed among the top 10 bustling cities by Lonely Planet.

Eight kilometers of beach offer year-round opportunities for jogging, outdoor workouts, and beach volleyball.

Behind the beach, skyscrapers rise, visible from the moment of landing, surprising visitors with the unexpected modernity of a country like Israel.



So, let’s embark on the discovery of Tel Aviv, ready to be amazed and fascinated.

Whether by bicycle, scooter, or on foot, the promenade is the ideal place to acquaint oneself with the city and enjoy the mild climate.

With the sun warming us and an atmosphere reminiscent of a Miami vacation, we find ourselves in the heart of Jaffa, the ancient port of Tel Aviv.

Once the gateway to the city, Jaffa’s port was the point of passage for Arabs, Jews, Christians, Ottomans, and Egyptians.

Now, the port is purely touristic, and the small hill of Jaffa hosts artisan shops and artists’ studios.


Cosa vedere a Tel Aviv Jaffa Port



Exploring Jaffa at a leisurely pace, wandering its alleys, climbing a few steps with curiosity, and discovering a new shop around the corner is a delightful experience.

Jaffa is an excellent place for shopping and bringing home unique pieces that remind us of the charm of Israel.

For elegant clothing, we recommend Maskit, the first Israeli fashion house.
Established in 1954 to preserve Israel’s typical style, its collections today are a perfect blend of ancient traditional techniques and contemporary style.

Halfway between a shop and an art gallery, Saga showcases design pieces by Israeli artists. Step inside, and you’ll feel tempted to purchase every item.

And for a break, you can stop by the attached Café Saga.

Then there’s the Zielinski Rozen perfume pharmacy, a paradise for fragrance lovers.
Perfumes, soaps, candles, diffusers, and the opportunity to create your own customized fragrance await you.

There are so many addresses to discover in Jaffa that you could easily spend an entire day.

When you’re ready to explore the rest of the city, resume the itinerary to visit Tel Aviv in two days.

Visitare Tel Aviv in due giorni - mare spiaggia


From Jaffa, make your way up to the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, making a quick stop at Hatachana station.

The old train station of Tel Aviv has been repurposed to make way for shops and cafes.

The vintage railway carriages evoke distant times, now replaced by a new modernity.

The main street of Neve Tzedek is Shabazi Street.

Wander along it, peeking into the many small boutiques offering jewelry, home decor, and perfumes.

It’s the perfect place to discover truly unique items.



As sunset approaches, it’s time to immerse yourself in Tel Aviv’s lively nightlife.

Head towards Tel Aviv Marina and choose the Esperanto Bar, located on the panoramic terrace of the Hotel Carlton, to enjoy a wonderful view of the bay.

Open from May to November, this terrace is the place to be on Tel Aviv’s seafront.

Sip on a cocktail just steps from the beach and spend the evening surrounded by music and the city’s coolest crowd.





If you’ve opted to explore Tel Aviv in two days, you might want to kick off the second day with a bicycle ride in the city’s expansive park.

Yarkon Park is somewhat akin to Tel Aviv’s Central Park, where locals gather for exercise, kids playtime, and enjoyable picnics.

Taking a ride through it is a way to immerse yourself in the daily life of those who call this city home and experience its spaces firsthand.

As you head back towards the center, take advantage of some pleasant stops.

In Rabin Square, pause for a snack at Hummus A.A. (Malkhi Yisrael St 2).

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the place; it’s small and decidedly local.

Here, you’ll taste delicious hummus, expertly prepared and served with skill and love.

A few steps away, step into Papier, a delightful store with a minimalistic aesthetic.

You’ll find high-quality stationery, original and elegant, perfect for display on your desk.

Continue on to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, with its incredible diamond-inspired architecture.





As you stroll through the city, you’ve likely noticed several buildings with clean lines, light-colored facades reminiscent of ship shapes, flat roofs, and large windows.

There are over 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings scattered throughout the streets of Tel Aviv, earning it the nickname “White City” and UNESCO World Heritage status.

The highest concentration of Bauhaus buildings can be found along Rothschild Blvd, around Dizengoff Square, and on Sheinkin Street.


Visitare Tel Aviv in due giorni - Bauhaus


While strolling along Sheinkin Street, you’ll eventually reach the Carmel Market, a bustling suk where you can stock up on local products.

Don’t miss out on the za’atar – a delightful blend of spices typical of the Middle East – fresh pomegranate juices, and baklava, filo pastry sweets coated in honey.

As you wander amidst the colors and aromas of the market, you’ll be drawn to products resembling cheese shapes; however, it’s actually halva, an Israeli specialty made from nut butter (pistachio, sesame, almonds) combined with honey and flavored in myriad ways, from coffee to cinnamon, and even chili.

For dinner, head to the Sarona Market, a new area inspired by the most modern gourmet markets worldwide.

Browse through the shops offering local delicacies and stop by the food stalls for a bite.



Now that you have the perfect itinerary to explore Tel Aviv in two days, all that’s left is to choose where to stay.

Typically, tourists consider staying along the waterfront or in the city center, but you could opt for a more refined option by immersing yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of Jaffa.

Setai Tel Aviv infinity pool


Here, the Setai Tel Aviv will surely meet your expectations with its well-appointed spaces and panoramic infinity pool, offering stunning views of the city.

Built within a historic Ottoman palace, once used as a prison, the Setai Tel Aviv is a modern hotel equipped with every comfort, absolutely perfect for a luxurious stay in Tel Aviv.


| Image credits: Esperanto Bar – Hotel Carlton Tel Aviv. Setai Tel Aviv: Photo by Setai Tel Aviv. Other pictures are by The Style Lovers |

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