Discovering Lake Bled and its surroundings

Visitare il lago di Bled -

Discovering Lake Bled and its surroundings offers unique sceneries in every season.

In winter, the small island in the middle of the lake, covered by a thin layer of snow, is even more magical.
In summer, the Vintgar Gorge is a pleasant refreshing oasis.
During autumn, forests come alive with a thousand shades.

If you love nature, all you have to do is leave and discover lake Bled and its surroundings. You will be enchanted.

Visitare il lago di Bled -

lake Bled, its little island and the wishing bell

Lake Bled and its little island are the undisputed symbols of Slovenia.

Still today, in spite of the great visitors flow, Bled manages to keep its magic intact. The same magic that made it, in the past, the tourist pearl of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

When you arrive in Bled, the first image you’ll want to see will be the famous lake view from the top.

Then reach the Castle, perched on a rocky spur overlooking the lake. You can easily get there by car in a few minutes.

From the castle terraces, the sight is truly extraordinary.

Dense forests surround the lake. In the quiet you hear the faint tolling of bells. A peaceful bustle of rowing boats transports visitors up to the Sanctuary surrounded by water.

How could one not love such a place?

The silence here is sought and respected, that’s why the motor boats are banned and the traditional “Pletna” rowing boats are the only means allowed to take tourists visiting the small island.

Here, in the past, there was the pagan sanctuary dedicated to Živa, the goddess of love.

But now a long staircase leads to the Church of the Assumption of Mary. They are the 99 steps which, according to tradition, the bridegroom have to climb holding his beloved.

Visitare il lago di Bled - santuario isolotto -

discovering lake Bled on the pletna boat

Go then back along the lake and, from one of the landing points, climb on a pletna and slowly reach the islet.
Once you climb the stairs, play the bell and make a wish …just three strokes and your dream will come true.

At sunset, when the lights are softer, go back to the lake and take a stroll on the pedestrian street which runs along it.
At every step the prospect changes and you will discover countless sights, infinite points of views for which was worth visit Lake Bled.

And if you are looking for an active holiday, know that the Bled area is extremely well equipped for sports activities.
You can go trekking and climbing, canoeing and rafting, you can discover long cycling routes of varying difficulty or meet you in the magnificent 27 holes golf course, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Round off your day at the Bled thermal baths, relax, close your eyes and think back to the picture of this charming alpine lake.

Bled has always been a center of excellence for thermal treatments, frequented by the European aristocracy since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Now you can choose between outdoor and indoor pools, saunas and face and body treatments.

Discovering Lake Bled and its fairy landscape has never been so relaxing.


the Vintgar gorges

Just a few minutes away from Lake Bled, you’ll find the natural scenery of the Vintgar Gorges.

If you decided to visit Lake Bled, do not miss this wonder of nature.

Visitare il lago di Bled in Slovenia - Gole di Vintgar -

This is a beautiful canyon, dug by the Radovna river, that can be traveled with an easy 1,6 km path.

The entire stretch of the river has been equipped with wooden walkways and bridges, thanks to which it’s possible to go safely into this evocative natural environment.

The walkways flank the steep rocky walls of the canyon, a few meters from the crystalline water, sometimes calm and sometimes tumultuous.

The path, easy and fascinating at the same time, will lead you to the Sum waterfall, framed by a stone bridge, built 33 meters above you.


the Triglav national park and the Pokljuka forest

The Triglav National Park is one of the oldest protected parks in Europe.

The Triglav mountain, or Tricorn, is its highest peak and is considered a national symbol.

In the park there is a succession of lakes, rivers, woods and turns perfect to go on a motorcycle.

Inside the Park, not far from Bled, is located the Pokljuka plateau.

The landscape is charming and authentic. The nature is still unspoilt, made of thick woods and numerous pastures.

In autumn, the beech trees assume the most varied red and yellow shades.
More in height, the firs and larches characterize the plateau, leaving room for some clearing, a few paths and only two paved roads that cross it.

In such an uncontaminated nature, the small cottages make it a fairy-tale and timeless landscape.

Visitare il parco di Triglav - altopiano Pokljuka -

The meadows are scattered with small wooden chalets, inhabited by the shepherds in the past. Then there are the traditional farms with their typical products and animals to pasture during the summer period.

These woods are also the bear’s transition zone …a good reason to always follow the marked paths.

The Triglav National Park is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. You can go for walks or hiking in the summer, cycle almost throughout the year and cross-country skiing in winter, with a center of excellence for biathlon.

The important thing is to respect this wonderful natural environment, not polluting or damaging it in any way.

the Bohinj lake

Bohinj Lake is the largest in Slovenia.

It is located inside the Triglav National Park, about half an hour from Bled.

Nestled between the steep walls of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is less touristy than Lake Bled and offers an even more uncontaminated environment.

Visitare il lago di Bohinj vicino a Bled -

In Bohinj you can live the lake, doing trekking or booking a boat tour.

You can reach the Savica waterfalls or take the cable car to the Mount Vogel, from which you can admire the beauty and majesty of the basin.

You can hire a canoe or cycle into the woods, between the houses with the traditional roofs where the hay is dried.

Bohinj can be a valid alternative to Bled, less touristy and with a wilder nature.


If you decide to visit Lake Bled, do not miss its surroundings, do not miss the nature and charm of this so magical part of Slovenia.


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