Blooming tulips in Holland. Visiting Keukenhof gardens

Fioritura dei tulipani in Olanda. Visit Keukenhof 01 -
Blooming tulips in Holland

The blooming of tulips in Holland is certainly one of the main reasons for visiting this country during spring.

The flowered fields colour the countryside throughout the nation, but the best place to see tulips blooming in Holland is the Keukenhof gardens, not far from Amsterdam.

Open to the public since 1950, Keukenhof has been defined as “the most beautiful spring garden in the world“.

The park is only open 8 weeks per year and those visiting the Netherlands in its opening period cannot miss it.

In this limited period of time, it even exceeds one million visitors, confirming the spectacularity of the place.

Fioritura dei tulipani in Olanda. Visit Keukenhof 01 -

Along the manicured paths immersed in the green, you’ll be amazed by the flowerbeds beauty, with their thousand shades of color.

Keukenhof is a magnificent independent international exhibition of Dutch floriculture, that everyone is invited to visit.

For the exhibitors, this is a privileged showcase where to display their most beautiful flowers.

You’ll not only see tulips, but also narcissus, hyacinths and other flowers, in addition to the special pavilion dedicated to the orchids.

It’s incredible to see how the flowers are brought together in a perfect manner, creating spaces which resemble to paintings.

Fioritura dei tulipani in Olanda. Visit Keukenhof 01 -

VISITing KEUKENHOF gardens in the netherlands

Visiting Keukenhof  gardens is the perfect choice to see the tulips blooming in Holland, to learn the history of tulips and to understand how to cultivate your own bulbs.

Here you can spend an unforgettable day surrounded by unique colors, as well as take inspiration for your home.

As a matter of fact, you will find some inspirational gardens, developing every year a different theme, for instance related to the art.

The association with art is often remarkable in the park, where you will see sculptures and installations here and there, creating an even more unique appearance.

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Everything is perfect: the small canals with their little bridges, the fountains, the greenhouses …and even a mill could not be missed.

From the top of the mill, built more than 100 years ago, you’ll have a beautiful view on the flowered fields surrounding Keukenhof.

You can flank these wonderful cultivations riding a bicycle in full Dutch style, or joining the boat tour that leaves just out of the mill.

Fioritura dei tulipani in Olanda. Visit Keukenhof 02 -

Every year the park is completely redesigned, to enhance every single type of flowers.

During September, in the park 7 million bulbs are planted by hand, and they will give life to over 1,600 different varieties of flowers.

No matter what, everything is about the tulip.

the TULIP is the holland’s symbol

The Dutch tulips tradition has been lasting for about 400 years now, no wonder the tulip became Holland icon.

Keukenhof is a true hymn to the flowers beauty and a wonderful tribute to the tulip.

Visiting the Keukenhof gardens is therefore a must for those who want to enjoy the tulips blooming season in Holland.


| Thanks to Annemarie and Martine from the Keukenhof’s PR department for their kind hospitality |

| Photos: The Style Lovers |

Blooming tulips in Holland. Tulip season. Visit Keukenhof gardens. Where to see tulips in the Netherlands.

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