Austria. In Carinthia thermae, golf and Heidi

Austria terme - Ronacher stube - The Style Lovers

You know, the grass is always greener  on the other side …looking to the fresh Austrian meadows I cannot think of anything else.
Small wooden houses with balconies blossoming with geraniums, decorated walls, care and cleansing in every detail, and that green grass that seems so soft and fragrant.
If you have 4 or 5 days to regenerate, Austria could be the right destination.

We are in Bad Kleinkirchheim, in the heart of Carinzia, popular destination for the locals, but also of many vacationer from the Italian Friuli, which is just few km cross the nearby border.

The hotel is the Ronacher, a 5*S which will steal your heart for the service, the sumptuous breakfasts, but above all for  the internal thermal area: 4,500 sqm of relax, a true oasis where to get lost between thermal pools, bio-saunas, hydro-massages and Finnish saunas.
The spa area has exclusive use of the hotel guests, therefore never too crowded.

The ideal day for us begins with a nice swim in an almost desert pool. Our ideal day begins…

Austria terme - Ronacher piscina interna - The Style Lovers

Breakfast is a moment not to be missed …a true blaze of delicacies we cannot resist to. There is something for every tastes.

And now we can begin to discover the spa, between various atmospheres and regenerating treatments.

At Ronacher time passes in the most absolute peace, you just have to choose your favorite corner and relax yourself.
There is the covered garden, bloomed all year long, with waterbeds, the fireplace and the sweet pounding of a fountain. There are the caves, there is the island of rest with a view of the mountains, there is the room of silence with rocking chairs and canopy beds …every corner allows an excellent relaxation, pampered by the scent of the Swiss stone pine, that acts positively on the deep relaxation and further, on the sleep.

Fuelled up of well-being, you are ready for some movement, so that you are experts or beginners, we invite you to the nearby golf course, as here there is one of the best schools you can find.
Merit of Gordon Manson, Scottish from St. Andrews, who after seven years as national coach of the Austrian Federation Golf, awaits you in order to transmit “the spirit of the game”.
Take advantage of his precious advice and the fact that he does not speak Italian to refine, in addition to swing, even your English!

If even at high-altitude you want to renounce to a dip by the chutes and the beach life, dedicate one day to a Carinthian lakes tour and reach the Worthersee. Here, in addition to a limpid water, you will always find some sport or musical event.

And finally, back in the hotel area, you’ll be children again with a special walk: between the mountains and the goats of Heidi, in the park dedicated to her, you will be able to walk among the lovely little statues of the cardboard episodes … you remembered  Peter, Clara, the grandfather and miss Rottermeier?

| Image credits: Thermenhotel Ronacher |


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