A night at Ceresio 7, the best rooftop restaurant in Milan

A cena da Ceresio 7 Milano pools cokctail rooftop - thestylelovers.com

A night at Ceresio 7. When you think about the most elegant rooftops in Milan, that’s the number one.

A rooftop meeting, you know, has its own charm.
You dominate the city from the top, far from the traffic and noise.
And if the terrace is a fashion place with a refined kitchen, what else do you want?

A cena da Ceresio 7 Milano pools cokctail rooftop - thestylelovers.com

The restaurant Ceresio 7 is the product of three excellent creatives: the Canadians fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten, founders of Dsquared², the Storage architecture office and the interior design style by DimoreStudio.

The location is located on the top floor of the historic Enel building, where the two stylists have their headquarters.

It’s true, the view over the Milan’s rooftops is far from the Eiffel Tower panorama, but the new Milanese skyline is increasingly fascinating: the imposing Unicredit Tower, the Vertical Forest, even the mountains in the background.

A cena da Ceresio 7 Milano terrazza vista montagne - thestylelovers.com

A night at Ceresio 7, the best rooftop restaurant in Milan

ceresio 7 milan vintage interior design

The view is stunning, but there’s much more.

The space is designed for bringing you back in an old New York, with vintage chairs and furniture which create private corners between the tables.

There’s a restaurant area which extends all along the glass window, the cigar room with leather sofas and the bar decorated in detail, to make you feel at home … or on an American movie’s set.

A night at Ceresio 7 Milan luxury rooftop restaurant - thestylelovers.com

And the long terrace, where having dinner while watching the sunset.

Flagship of the club, the pools, to laze in the sun with a drink in your hand or where to arrive at cocktail time with the most glittering dress.

At Ceresio 7, guests are absolutely fashion, but the relaxed atmosphere and the polite service put you at ease from the very first moment.

The club’s description reads “a classy but casual atmosphere”. It might seem an oxymoron, but that’s how it is.

After you’ve been there the first time, you already think of the next opportunity to come back: a sunday brunch, during week for a working lunch, or perhaps to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

A cena da Ceresio 7 Milano vista piscine - thestylelovers.com

And if you like this fashion mood, you’d probably consider to come here also for wellness.

club ceresio 7 gym & spa

Don’t call it gym, the Club Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa is the temple of luxury workout.

The ’80s atmosphere is in line with the architecture of the building.
Meaning minimalism, exposed systems, a lot of stone, and the gold elements you don’t expect, ropes and rings which refer to athletes from the past and a super exclusive beauty area.

Gli architetti di Storage hanno realizzato un gioiello di ispirazione vintage, where ci si allena con i più avanzati attrezzi Technogym, si riequilibra la postura col postural training, si stimola il metabolismo con la talassoterapia, si ritrova il benessere con l’antigravity yoga e si rigenera la pelle with the exclusive rimodellanti trattamenti di Biologique Recherche®.

The Storage architects have created a vintage inspired jewel, where you train with the most advanced Technogym equipment, you rebalanced your posture with postural training, you stimulates your metabolism with thalassotherapy, you restore your sense of well-being with the antigravity yoga and you regenerate your skin with the exclusive sculpting treatments of Biologique Recherche®.

Ceresio 7 palestra esclusiva Milano piscina spa - thestylelovers.com

a night at ceresio 7 With the menu of chef elio sironi

But let us go back to the top floor…

Between pools and cocktails, surrounded by a 360° view and such a great care in furnishing, one could expect to turn a blind eye on the menu.

On the contrary, the cuisine of chef Elio Sironi (ex Bulgari hotel) remains a guarantee, it meets the eye and the palate and holds the promise of “demanding simplicity”.

To enjoy your night at Ceresio 7, you can start with a very delicate centrolophus in ceviche, continue with a raw seafood with soybean, lime and ginger and conclude with a summer dessert made of roasted peaches, almonds, thyme and Passito di Pantelleria.

The raw materials are excellent and their use is very respectful. The Italian style ceviche is masterful, more delicate than the original Peruvian version.

Flavors are fresh and simple despite the use of some pretty unusual ingredients. Above all, you taste the quality.

The Elio Sironi’s cuisine is based on simplicity and on a contemporary style, respectful of tradition and of raw materials.
A concrete cuisine, that the chef has developed after years of important experiences abroad.
The same philosophy that Sironi fully develops in its Madai restaurant in Costa Smeralda.

If you go to dinner at Ceresio 7, close the evening in the Cigar room, with a selection of fine spirits.

A last glance to the panorama and it’s already time you return to the metropolis chaos …when the next rooftop dinner?

A cena da Ceresio 7 Milan terrazza view - thestylelovers.com

| Image credits: Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant – Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa |


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