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Las Vegas loves Italy -

Las Vegas is the world entertainment capital. It’s the city of legalised gambling and it’s also the place where you can find 19 of the 25 largest hotels of the world.

Walking along the Strip – the main road of the city – the attention is continuously captured by the hotels lights and by their shapes and huge dimensions.

Every hotel has his own theme and a huge casino, often joined to theaters, restaurants, clubs and shopping centres.

In this surreal artificial oasis in the middle of the desert, the inspiration to realize some of the most famous hotels was taken by some of Italy’s most iconic cities: Como, Rome and Venice.


  • BELLAGIO Hotel

In the arid climate of Nevada, what is even more striking when approaching the Bellagio, is its relation with the water.

The Bellagio is one of the most emblematic hotels in Las Vegas.
Since 1998, it represents the charm of the Como Lake village, transformed into a tourist attraction of this playground-city.

Las Vegas hotel Bellagio -

The artificial lake in front of the hotel facade, with its dancing fountains, has become one of the city most popular and exciting attractions.
Lights, music and water shows, elaborated by world famous artists, create short performances that collect hundreds of enchanted eyes around the hotel.

And inside the Bellagio the link with water continues: his famous theatre Ô, with an almost 6,000 cubic meters of water swimming pool, is the most technological in the world, which allows spectacular performances to the Cirque du Soleil acrobats, in their permanent show Ô.

Between acrobats, synchro swimmers and scuba divers, there are about 85 athletes performing inside and outside the water, to create a truly breathtaking show.

The hotel culinary proposal is nothing short of amazing, with 19 restaurants and probably the best buffet in Las Vegas.
With such a large number of restaurants, you can try a wide range of cuisines from around the world, from the east to the European, to the authentic American cuisine of Fix, Di Caprio’s favourite.

But a truly unforgettable experience is the one that the Picasso offers: French and Spanish cuisine prepared by the executive chef Julian Serrano, a 1,500 labels cellar, paintings by the artist on the walls and a wonderful outdoor patio to enjoy the fountains show, making the dinner experience even more romantic.

In this astonishing hotel, guests of the almost 4,000 rooms can find more than 10,000 sqm dedicated to gambling, but also a botanical garden, an art gallery and even a 8 meters tall chocolate cascade … all excesses in full Vegas style!


Right next to the Bellagio, it is impossible not to notice the Caesars Palace monumental facade.
Go inside and you will be thrown back to the ancient Rome splendours era.

Statues, columns, capitals and a lot of marble, an arena and even a copy of the Colosseum …you are in Las Vegas, here everything becomes possible.

Las Vegas Caesars Palace -

This year it’s the 50th anniversary of its construction and the Caesars Palace continues to be a point of reference of this incredible city, thanks to its spectacular architecture and to the many events it hosts.

For years big artists like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Elton John, have been taking their exhibitions at the Colosseum, the grandiose circular theater of Caesars.
In the Arena, where the Rocky III movie was shooted, important boxing and wrestling events are even now taking place.

At Caesars, celebrities are at home. We are not only talking about singers but also world-renowned chefs.
The variety of restaurants inside it is surprising: you’ll find 18. By the epic Bacchanal buffet with 500 dishes to choose from, to the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, up to the most refined Chinese cuisine by Mr Chow, to the French cuisine of the starry chef Guy Savoy, and to the super famous Nobu.

International shows, starred chefs, but also an external zone between the most spectacular in Las Vegas. It’s called the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis and it’s a complex of 7 swimming pools nestled between statues and fountains. Each tank is designed for a different mood. There are the luxurious temple pools, the Neptune pool for those who want to have fun and the Bacchus pool reserved for VIP guests.

Las Vegas Caesars Palace pool event -

We said in Las Vegas everything is possible, even freshen up with a snowfall descending from the ceiling. It happens in the Caesars spa, where next to 3 Roman baths there is the only Artic Room of the city.

The Michael Boychuck Color Salon is the desires place for every beauty addicted, particularly loved by Paris Hilton. A princely salon where guests can enjoy a VIP makeover, before a crazy night out!

And for those who wants to organize their wedding in Vegas, the Caesars offers 3 elegant chapels in Roman style and two beautiful external location, where small Roman temples are surrounded by fountains, palm trees and tropical gardens.


From the ancient Rome to the Venetian canals, when you are talking about Las Vegas …it’s a short step.

You never know where a good idea can come from. The one of Mr Sheldon, the Venetian’s creator, was born during his Italian honeymoon, particularly when he fell in love with the lagoon city, so much that he wanted to replicate the Venice wonders in a hotel that, with the adjacent The Palazzo, is the largest hotel complex in the world.

Las Vegas hotel Venetian esterno -

To recreate the Venice style and atmosphere, designers and architects have done a lot of research, so that every detail was as close as possible to the original.

As far as the charm of Venice is absolutely incomparable and it is possible to grasp the true essence only walking through its streets and navigating among its canals …maybe with a fine mist that makes the atmosphere even more magical, we must say that its American reproduction leaves really amazed.

The materials are original, a lot of Italian marble as been used, the frescoes decorating the ceilings remind the Sistine Chapel, and then there are the most famous Venice symbols: from the San Marco bell tower to the Doges Palace and the Grand Canal, surmounted by the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.

Las Vegas hotel Venetian -

In addition of being the fulcrum of the whole structure, the Grand Canal is also the Venetian luxurious shopping center, with shops of the most prestigious brands and countless bars and restaurants.
Unexpectedly, even the commercial center is made special by musicians, actors and singers, who entertain the audience with their performances.

But the Venetian most famous show is certainly “An Evening With Al Pacino”, an event where the public can learn the ins and outs of the actor’s career and have the unique opportunity to directly interact with him in a special questions and answers session.

Another absolutely unique experience you can live at Venetian is to participate in the Gondola University. A few hours course, during which, fitted with the typical gondolier hat and shirt, you’ll learn the techniques for conducting a gondola. The final certificate will remain a pleasant memory of this funny day.

And if after all this movement you feel hungry, do not miss a pastry in the Carlo’s Bakery, the famous Buddy Valastro pastry shop…the boss of the cakes!

For dinner, if you want to really feel like a celebrity, book a table at the Cut, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Puck is the official chef of the gala dinner that follows the ceremony of the Oscars.


| Image credits: Bellagio hotel – Caesars Palace – The Venetian |


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